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Envirotech's Mold Rmediation Process

Envirotech prides itself on the quality of the services it provides you, our customer. It is our ability to contain and control the work space that identifies our process and distinguishes it as the best practices our industry can currently offer. The side effect of this process is the safety it entails both for our professionals and for you, the customer, and the occupants of your environment.

We protect your environment and its inhabitants by adhering to a specific process to combat the environmental problems in your building. We contain the work space, remove the sources of contamination, and perform a rigorous cleaning. But the process really begins prior to that, when we first ensure that our technicians are properly trained and prepared.

Technician training and preparation:
Before our highly credentialed technicians ever set foot on a job, they are examined medically and receive the shots necessary to immunize them when working with sewage and bacteria. They are personally fit for the appropriate size of respirators. Envirotech professionals don only high-quality Tyvek suits. They are trained in the use of all the personal protective equipment they are issued.

Our top priority on the job is to isolate and contain the work area. This allows us to protect the surrounding indoor environment, and the occupants and contents, from any contamination. At Envirotech, we adhere to state-of-the-art guidelines that eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

Source removal:
We identify, remove and discard all contaminated porous materials. We would never simply kill the contamination or cover up the contaminated items. No less than the physical removal of these items is a part of Envirotech's recommended process.

Fine cleaning:
All remaining surfaces in the containment are thoroughly decontaminated as an extension of the source removal process. We carefully use HEPA vacuums and treat your surfaces with environmentally safe cleaning products. Chemicals are used only whenever required, not routinely; when they are used, Envirotech follows all federal requirements pertaining to their use.

Post-remediation verification:
It is our policy at Envirotech to strongly recommend obtaining the services of a qualified third-party indoor environmental consultant to assess the effectiveness of our remediation once it is completed.

Our process is safe and consistent with our industry's best practices. Any variance from it will not do. Anything less than the utter care and attention we give could make a small problem much worse. Whether the project area is an infant's nursery or a busy office setting, we at Envirotech always take our work and our safety every bit as seriously as do you, our customer. This is how we ensure the quality and safety of our work and, thus, your satisfaction and well being.

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